Data Protection Policy

Niall Dunstall Web Design will comply with its obligations under GDPR legislation by ensuring that personal data held and processed by, or on its behalf, is properly protected and is collected and processed in accordance with the established Principles of Data Protection;

• Processed lawfully and fairly
• Data held for a specific purpose
• Data held will be kept to a minimum
• Data will be accurate and up to date
• Data will be retained only as long as it is needed
• Data will be kept securely


Obligations to Data Subjects

Niall Dunstall Web Design recognises the rights of Data Subjects (further information may be obtained at;

• The right to be informed.
• The right of access.
• The right to rectification.
• The right to be forgotten.
• The right to restrict processing.
• The right to data portability.
• The right to object.


Data Gathering & Storage

Only relevant personal data, including customer contact information, for the legitimate purpose of managing relationships with clients/prospective customers, communicating with clients/prospective customers, keeping records of those communications and promoting our services to clients/prospective customers may be collected and stored.

Data required for producing quotations, or assessing new business opportunities with clients/potential clients should also be considered relevant personal data. The legal basis for this gathering and storing this data is our legitimate interests, namely the proper management of our customer relationships and running of business and services.

Those from whom it is collected should be informed of the data’s intended use.

All personal data relating whom we have contact, whether held on computer or in paper files, are covered by the Data Protection Legislation.

Personal data will be stored in a safe and secure manner.
Electronic data will be protected by standard password or encrypted, and stored where it is not accessible to anyone who does not have a legitimate reason to view or process said data.

Particular attention will be paid to the need for security of sensitive personal data.


Disclosure and Use

Personal data will not be used in newsletters, websites or other media without the consent of the data subject.

Information regarding current clients, ongoing or past projects with clients may be made available through Niall Dunstall Web Design website, social media platforms, and correspondents as outlined in client contracts. This may include but is not limited to information regarding projects completed on behalf of data subject for the legitimate reason of promotion and marketing.

Personal information related to clients may be passed on to 3rd parties and subcontractors with client consent, for the basis of generating quotations, or collaborative work by Niall Dunstall Web Design and said 3rd parties to undertake of finalise on agreed upon work related to ongoing projects on behalf of data subject.


Privacy Notices

Privacy Notices will be published and will be displayed on the Niall Dunstall Web Design website in the form of a Privacy Policy (
This defines;

• The categories of information that is collected, held and shared.
• The reasons why this is done.
• lawful basis on which we collect and use this information.
• Why the information is shared.


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